Every procedure that requires the use of general anesthesia involves some risk. At Canton Veterinary Clinic, we do everything we can do to make this risk as small as possible. Your pet's medical team and the state of the art design of our equipment all contribute a great deal to the safety of your pet during a procedure. We use the safest inhalant anesthesia available, and just prior to giving the anesthetic we will perform a physical examination to be sure that no new problems have appeared.

To further ensure the safety of your pet, we recommend a preoperative blood screening procedure similar to that used in human hospitals, to ensure that your pet is at low risk for any complications. This test will include complete cell count (Hematocrit and white cell count), total protein, liver test (SGPT), and creatinine (Kidney test). Abnormal values for these tests will alert us to the presence of anemia, infection, kidney or liver disease.

Laboratory work before an anesthetic/surgery can make us aware of unknown medical conditions that may make your pet a poor surgical risk or increase the chance of an advanced reaction to the anesthetic agent. In addition, these tests can help us discover many problems early on, before they cause unnecessary pain, expense, or worse.

Surgery Suite

Dog under anesthesia
Cat under anesthesia


Each animal is given a sterile surgery pack
We use pulse oximetry, isoflurance gas anesthesia






Provision of routine pain relief, anesthesia, monitors, EKG machines, pulse oximeters, IV fluids, and pre-anesthetic lab work are all essential for surgeries. Providing individual care in the best way possible is the hallmark of these quality services.







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