Top Ten Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club ranks dogs by registration numbers each year, and the results from 1999 are in. Labrador Retrievers are ranked number one for the third consecutive year. This month I'd like to review the top ten with some of my opinions on the different breeds.

First, the rankings (registrations from January - December, 1999):

Breed Number Registered
1. Labrador Retriever 154,897
2. Golden Retriever 62,652
3. German Shepherd 57,256
4. Dachshund 50,772
5. Beagle 49,080
6. Poodle 45,852
7. Chihuahua 42,013
8. Rottweiler 41,776
9. Yorkshire Terrier 40,684
10. Boxer 34,998

Now, some commentary.

Labrador Retriever - Fantastic dogs, loyal, smart, good family dog.

Golden Retriever - Same as for Labradors, except with a long coat which calls for more grooming. Some lines are prone to allergies and more vet visits.

German Shepherd - Smart dog, good family dog, some lines prone to hip problems.

Dachshund - Popular small dog, some can be nippy. They have a tendency to be overweight if overfed, and they are prone to back problems.

Beagle - Good hunting dogs, barkers, sweet dog, not terribly intelligent.

Poodle - Smart dogs, people oriented, good family dog.

Chihuahua - Little dog, can be nippy.

Rottweiler - Very aggressive, powerful dog, not a family dog. This is one breed of dog this veterinarian can truthfully say she dislikes. Not recommended for families with children. We muzzle this dog when we see it in clinic.

Yorkshire - Cute dog, good personality, family dog, needs lots of grooming.

Boxer - Nice breed, look like they would eat you but are really quite sweet. Some lines are prone to heart problems, and the breed as a whole is unfortunately prone to all forms of cancer.


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